Rhythm Of Complacency

by Swim Thru Frequencies

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This album, Rhythm of Complacency, is Swim Through Frequencies first full length release. After releasing their first self titled Ep in July of 2013 the band immediately got to work on recording the LP. Over the course of four months the band pieced together the project recording both at MorningWood Studios in Fort Collins, CO and at home with the help of Asymmetrical Smile Productions Mobile Rig. Once the LP was fully recorded they took the album out to Los Angeles, CA to have the album mixed and mastered. "Rhythm of Complacency" was mixed in Long Beach, CA at The Compound and mastered in Ecco Park, CA at Infrasonic sound. Throughout this process, and the experience of releasing their EP, Swim through frequencies really began to find their voice as a group. The sound is unique to its own and the influences span genres ranging from folk to rock and indie to alternative. This LP has a good tempo flow as well. Up beat songs such as the title track "Rhythm of Complacency" provide the listener with a great up tempo vibe but the album is laced with slow moving ballads such as "Stoic in the Aftermath." Listeners who enjoy the folk/indie genre will find this LP to be a great change of pace compared to the status quo and won't be disappointed.


released December 1, 2013

Produced by Tyler Lindgren
Co Producers: Ryan Yudez, Clay Meyer
Music and Lyrics written by Ryan Yudez
Lead guitar and harmonies: Clay Meyer
Vocals and harmonies: Melody Kloefkorn
Drums and percussion: Travis Hildenbrand

A special thanks to our stellar guest musicians:
String Arrangements: Tyler Lindgren
Keys: Terran Hause
Bass: Zackary Gray

Recorded by Tyler Lindgren on The Asymmetrical Smile Mobile Rig.

Additional recording by Kevin Brookfield @ Morning Wood Studios, Fort Collins, CO.

Mixed by Anthony A. Arvizu @ The Compound, Long Beach, CA.
Mastering done by Pete Lyman @ Infrasonic Sound, Ecco Park, CA.

Album Art done by Sandy Applegate- www.sandappleart.com

© [2013] [ASCAP]
© [2013] [Swim Thru Frequencies]



all rights reserved


Swim Thru Frequencies Fort Collins, Colorado

Swim Thru Frequencies is a five piece indie folk band out of Fort Collins, Colorado. They blend folk rock rhythms with unique compositions, catchy melodies, and introspective lyrics.

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Track Name: Rhythm Of Complacency
High wire tightrope dreams
With visions of the in between
The laughing stock
Of useless social scenes

The drop of into parallels
Of chemicals and wishing wells
Where people leave their faith
In unknown things

The status quo of melodies
We harmonize in sympathy
And sing along to songs
We’ve never heard
We’re well aware of where we’ve been
Oh tell me when this show begins
So we can leave the past in disrepair

I’m done pretending I’m amused
Goodbye, go on
I’m glad I won’t be there

Number us one through ten
Where others wish to be like them
Like plastic faces
Misshaped and undone

Diluted and derived the same
Where numbers by their shapes with names
They’ve lost or can’t remember
Where they’re from

The rhythm of complacency
Where lives get lost in irony
And reminisce of times
They never shared
We’re well aware of where you’ve gone
Rejoicing in the death of song
Forgetting what you’ve lost
Without a care

I’m done pretending I’m amused
Goodbye, go on
I’m glad I wont be there
Track Name: Her Majesty Reclusive
We heard you whisper amongst the shadows
That run these walls of your empty castle
But you don’t know what I
Would do for you

And in the presence of times you once knew
Don’t lead your life as if you’re see through
Tell your story
Be a hero

Don’t forget me
I know it’s easy
Getting lost inside this place
And I remember just what you told me
Let me be your saving grace
But I moved on

We destroyed all the things we once made
Broke our backs only to be betrayed
You were hungry
We were desperate

And from the height of your ivory tower
Your blood it boils, consumed with power
And you were helpless
In the worst way

Don’t you leave me
I’ll make it easy
Getting lost inside this place
And I remember
Just what you asked me
Would you be my saving grace
But I moved on

Don’t forget me I know it’s easy
I’ll forget you and it’s easy
And I remember just what you told me
I’ll forget everything you said
Don’t get lost inside this place
I’ll get lost inside this place
Would you be my
Saving grace
Track Name: Copper Country
Where would you go
Where would you go
If you had nowhere to run to
No one to call your name
So I said oh Copper Country
Here I come again

And as you’re drifting through this slow moving parade
You can feel the warmth or you can feel betrayed
And all the light inside the room
Are just the stars around the moon
Over Copper Country

And we go
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (x4)

Six feet of snow
Six feet of snow
And we got time to get used to
Things we can’t control
So I said oh Colorado
Let me go

And as you’re drifting through this slow moving parade
You can feel the warmth or you can feel betrayed
And all the light inside the room
Are just the stars around the moon
Over Copper Country

And we go
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (x4)

Oh Oh Oh
Oh copper country I am coming home (x3)
Track Name: Keweenaw
Don’t you wanna come back
And mingle with the trees
I feel the movement
You’re shaky at the knees
I know there’s someone
Or something to be found
I’ll quit again pack it up and leave
Sweetheart aren’t you proud
Oh I knew I’d let you down

(Chorus 1)
You can find me far away from home
Looking for a place to stay
Sometimes you need a little time
Out on your on
Sometimes you need
To get away
Sometimes you gotta let er’ dance
Sometimes you gotta take that chance

I wanna leave here
And maybe just get lost
Way up north in the Keweenaw
Desperately intending
To spend a little time
Getting rid of most of me
And working on my mind
Oh mother have I lost my mind

(Chorus repeat)

You can find me far way from home
Out in the Keweenaw
Sometimes you need
A little time out on your own
Sometimes you need to get lost
Sometimes you gotta let er’ dance
Sometiems you gotta take that chance
Track Name: Other Languages
Where have you been
Where have you been
It’s been awhile

You’ve given in
I’ve given in
To you on denial

(Chorus 1)

But I’m too lonely to drink about it now
So I’m sure that I’ll let you down
Where have you been
Where have you been

Out on your own
Out on my own
And you’re self-destructive

I haven’t grown
You haven’t grown
Use to my own seduction

Cause the dying don’t say much when the are dead
So you might as well say what needs to be said
Where are you know
Where are you know

And I know that I’m so far away from home
But it sure feels good to be alone

(Chorus 1 repeat)
Track Name: Stoic In The Aftermath
It’s been awhile since I felt like this
Screaming and shaking and pounding my fist
But I finally feel like going home

I’m outside out in the race
You’re in here bleeding this space
Of all that you’ve lost and all that you fear

And you’ll be drowning in the belly of this year (x2)

I need time to leave me today
You need time to just get away
And figure out who you wanna be

I’ve got a tongue and you’ve got a mouth
We’ve got some words we need to get out
And I want to hear you once again

You’ll be sorry that you ever let me in (x2)

I’m not sure how much I have
You might be gone and I might come back
But will we be breathing much more

I know there’s things to hard to say
I know that feelings can get in the way
But would you just tell me goodbye

You’ll be sorry that your whole life passed you by (x2)

You’ll be sorry that you ever left me here (x2)
You’ll be sorry that you ever let me near
Track Name: Cartographer
One day she came down in a hard way
Counting the cars on the freeway
Whistling to tunes that she know

I know you can’t control
Where the cars go
But can’t you control what you do

She said
I’m not really listening to you

Walk out head down the street to the safe house
If anyone asked I have mapped out
The root to my only escape

Tell them they can all come if they’d like to
I’m not afraid still despite you
I’ll do whatever it takes

She said
Don’t you ever learn from your mistakes


Oh I might
One day
On down the line
But up till then
I’ll be oblivious like you
And wait for the day
Oh that I can get away
And separate myself
From everyone
Like you

Pretend things aren’t a mess for a second
Just wave in my general direction
And watch as I run from it all

She said
Watch your step I’d love to see you fall

(Chorus Repeat)
Track Name: The Poor Fool
We heard you singing
Soft against the wind
Wish you were screaming loud
And as your words disperse
They’re wearing thin
Who’ll keep you secrets now

And in the morning
When the sun awakes
Your world is upside down
The day will bend
Before your body breaks
Cause your so tightly wound

He went in search for
Answers in the bottle
That’s where the poor fool drowned
He lost his mind somewhere in Colorado
Still waiting to be found


Under the veil of
A life she once loved
She’s screaming catch me if you can
He’ll follow her through
A love she once knew
As if he somehow understands

He drew a map
Somewhere to where he lost it
Bur deep beneath the ground
I should have known you’d be the one
To drop it
Oh you let me down

(Chorus) (x2)
Track Name: One Of Them
As if all of the thoughts
I dreamt in my head
Gathered in numbers
To change what I said

Remarkable words
In unmovable ways
Echo through this life
And all that remains


Saying settle down
Come on in
Take the time to treat yourself
Like one of them

Set it straight
Stay behind
Don’t get caught up in
The things that you can’t find

It’s ticking wicked fleeting
The sound of my ear’s drum beating,
Pounding at the silver lines
A single thread, Throughout my mind
To be alive yet still asleep
In golden slumbers my soul to keep,
By the morning I shall awake
To find myself and be remade

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Metal Deities
We were born deep in the belly
Where the wires are worn
Down from the heavy use of these machines
Our metal deities

Turn me out
Just like the other in a cardboard box
With a plastic cover and instructions
On how I work


All you need to know
Is I’m not coming home
Anytime soon

I heard stories of the warning sign
That was written on the wall
With the lightening lined into a human head
Shattered into pieces

Time goes by we lose trust and the gears wear out
The bodies rust
Did we forget about
What we left behind

(Chorus Repeat)
Track Name: On an On
We were dreaming without insight
Building lives we couldn’t keep
You can’t hide inside the spotlight
Or in the way you think you speak

Don’t forget the ones you left here
Don’t forget the things you need
It’s the thought of losing we fear
Only living things can bleed

And in the end if you’re still satisfied
With the choices made
And the way in which you survived
You will gain much more than what you left behind
On and on this endless life

I believe in just existence
We perceive much more than time
Persevere through our persistence
Happiness is a state of mind

I’m aware that this will all end
All our thoughts are laid to rest
Body dies and life is silence
Nothing more and nothing less

(Chorus Repeat)

On and on this endless life